Building Sites


City Incentives

The city is offering several incentives to help assure the satisfaction of future residents.  First, the city understands that state environmental laws have become more restrictive and a minimum of 2 lots may currently be required to help meet current regulations.  Only building sites that we believe will perk are being offered for sale.  However, if the site fails to perk, the city will apply the purchase funds toward purchase of an alternate building site selected by the future resident from a list of sites that the city has available at that time.

Secondly, after construction of the residence is complete and an occupancy permit has been obtained from the city, Briarcliff will refund one-half of the price of the building site to the original buyer. This refund is not transferable, and will be refunded only to the buyer who purchased the site from the city.  This incentive is offered to: help expedite construction by future residents, and minimize purchase of building sites for short-term speculation.

Building Sites in Briarcliff

Briarcliff was subdivided many years ago into lots of approximately ¼ acre each.  The city recently combined some of these lots into spacious building sites having 2 - 6 lots each which allows the future residents greater choice in selecting the actual home site.  The city has been very selective in acquiring some of the more desirable property for this project, and building sites can be quite attractive due to the hilly, rustic nature of the terrain.

Procedure to Buy

The future resident can follow a straight forward procedure to buy a building site from the city. 

Step 1: Get a list of available sites from the city that shows the Section and Lot numbers for each site.

Step 2: Review the sites in person and make a selection.

Step 3: Sign purchase contract at the city office, pay purchase price with bank or cashiers check.

Step 4: City Clerk will record the Limited Warranty Deed at the County Clerk’s office.

Post Purchase

It is recommended that the future resident obtain clear title and warranty insurance prior to construction.